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Monsoon Season Has Arrived!

The dreaded Monsoons are upon us. The temperature is high and the dew point is even greater, making everything hot
and sticky.
Even though Monsoon season has officially started, we don't typically see the storms and humidity until July. Then it seems like Monsoon season will last forever. It is hot and muggy and by the afternoon the clouds and dust roll in. 
As more of a recent thing, it seems these pesky 'haboobs', or as we used to know them, dust storms, seem to be more frequent.
With the dust and wind blowing, it can cause broken tiles, shingles, and excess roof dirt and debris. 
Since rain is never a sure thing, it is always a surprise to see when it does arrive. With the rain may come those pesky leaks. You know, the ones we weren't aware of until the torrential rain.

We are a full service roofing company and a general contractor. We take care of all roof types: shingle, foam and tile. We also provide maintenance and roof cleanings. You do not need to wait for the leaks, call NOW for a free roof inspection. No job is too large or too small, we cover it all! 
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RENCO Roofing is a company that thrives on referrals. Therefore we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction from our customers by using the finest materials, tools and workmanship available so we can make that guarantee possible. We take pride in knowing that when we leave each project, our customers are 100% satisfied and they will hire RENCO Roofing to do all of their future roofing projects.

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